Hardware Components

Basic Electronics

To design a circuit board, you need to understand basic electronic parts. If you aren’t familiar with electronics, please read the following electronics tutorials:


As part of the hardware design of your femtosat, you will have to incorporate the following components:


Microcontrollers are small computer chips. They execute code and can perform all kinds of different operations. It is going to be the brain of your femtosat. Your microcontroller is the same one used in the Arduino Uno (a small educational computer board). Using the same microcontroller makes it easier to practice and program your femtosat.


Part Name: Atmega328P

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Data Sheet



Your tiny battery gives your femtosat the power it needs to operate.


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Data Sheet


Battery Connector

This helps you easily connect and disconnect your battery to and from your femtosat.


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Data Sheet


Voltage Regulator

Unregulated lithium ion batteries could fry your femtosat. Your voltage regulator makes sure your battery gives your femtosat a constant 3.3 volts.