Quick Start


The competition is done in teams of two to four members (recommendation is three). The first step to participating is to figure out who your team is. If you have trouble finding a team let us know! There are usually several every year and we would be happy to help put people together. 


Once you find your team, you can register at the registration form. We recommend that you figure out who your team is ahead of time, but if you can’t find a team, please register anyway. 

Weekly Meetups

Every Wednesday, at 6:00pm, we meet in EB 325. Meetups are your chance to get a burst of progress. The main part of the time will be devoted to working. There will be mentors there who are ready and willing to answer your questions. This will also be the time when reviews and pass offs are performed. More information about the reviews can be found later on in the guide. During the last 15 minutes, there will be a short presentation on topics that will be important to the project. The lessons are scheduled with the intention that you will work on what is covered before the next meetup. 

While the weekly meetups are very important, it needs to be emphasized that they are not enough. It’s to give you a chance to coordinate and ask questions. To finish your project on time, you need to be working at other times of the week. 2-3 hours a week is recommended.