Spacecraft Challenge


Score Card

The following chart is a demonstration of what your score card will look like. Your team will be in charge of maintaining this score card and making sure that a mentor signs off on each step. 

If you complete the first 3 requirements (design review, mission readiness review, launch) by the deadline, you can win $25.

Completing the last 3 (launch, acquire data, and report on the data) allows you to win another $25.


Requirement Deadline Sign Off
Passed Design Review October 24, 2018
Passed Mission Readiness Review November 28, 2018
Launched Femtosat December 1, 2018
Acquired Data NA
Processed and Reported Data December 6, 2018

Design Review

During the design review your team will show your design to a mentor and have the opportunity to receive feedback. The largest portion of this review will be the design of your board, preferably before it is ordered. This gives you a chance to have your design reviewed before you order and find out it won't work.

In addition to the PCB you will need to show two other things: a system flowchart and Arduino demonstration. The flowchart will demonstrate that you understand how your whole system will work together. The Arduino demonstration will show that you are learning about programming and that you will be able to program your femtosat.

Mission Readiness Review

This will be the last review before launch. Your team will have to demonstrate that femtosat meets all design and implementation requirements, that your flight code works, that you have a data processing plan, and that all checked out items have been returned to the shop.


This is the day everyone gets excited about! Your femtosat will be attached to a model and launched hundreds of feet in the air! During that time it will be transmitting data to a ground station. A receiving radio that will receive and record the data that you send.

The only thing that you will need to bring to the launch is your femtosat. The rockets, and ground station will be provided.

To receive any prizes, your femtosat must actually launch on launch day.

Receive and Process Data

Once you acquire data you will be in charge of processing and analyzing the data. Without knowing what was learned, data is pointless. Clearly communicate what the data shows and what you learned through the entire process.

Spacecraft Challenge