Schematic Design Review

Item Description
General Schematic is well organized
Power Regulator Battery not connected directly to microcontroller
Shutdown pin correctly installed
Battery Connector Correctly oriented - double check using the board
Sensor Has at least one sensor
Has capacitors, etc. installed for proper installation
No resistors connected for voltage switching
Programming Connector Matches the Starting Schematic
Microcontroller Matches Starting Schematic
Signal LED installed to pin 1 of the Atmega (INT1)
Power LED Is installed with a resistor directly to power
Ground Lines All ground lines have a ground symbol
All ground lines are properly connected
Power Lines All power lines have a power symbol
All power lines are properly routed
Memory Headers (if used) Properly oriented


Board Design Review

Item Description
General Board is well organized
Fits within the size requirements - 22mmx70mm
Everything contained within board area
DRC Passes the design rule check
Nets / Routing / Traces Nothing left to route - check using ratsnest
Trace width >= 10 mil (.254mm)
Traces are same size or smaller than pads they connect to
Antenna As close to the radio as possible
Battery Connector Correctly oriented
On outside of the board facing outside


Basic Software Review

Item Description
Arduino Has access to their own Arduino to test code on
Can program an Arduino
Able to blink a light on the Arduino
Able to print information to the serial monitor
Libraries Knows what libraries they need
Has needed libraries installed
Breakout Boards Has at least one of the breakout boards wired properly
Can run example code on the breakout board
Can explain what is happening in the example code


Flight Software Review

Item Description
General The software looks neat and clean
Data flow Collects data from the sensor(s)
Packages data in an appropriate format for the radio
Sends the information to the radio
Testing Has a way to test that all components are functioning (doesn't have to be part of the flight software)
Other Does not ask for an ACK signal
Uses the LED to communicate basic information
Does not print information to the serial port in the actual flight software


Mission Readiness Review

There is not a specific checklist for the mission readiness review. It is up to you to demonstrate that your femtosat meets all of the requirements listed in the requirements section.

Launch Day

On launch day points will be able to be gained by accomplishing the following tasks:

  • Save data to the memory module
  • Send at least one transmission
  • Send at least one transmission with data
  • Continuously be sending data

Each of these items is worth 20 points. The mentors will determine if partial completion of any of these items are worth points.


Item Description
General Has a professional appearance
Is well written
Charts Clearly presents the data
Analysis Accurately and clearly demonstrates what the data means
Experience Describes the participants experience in participating in the competition
Suggestions Provides constructive feedback to the spacecraft club on improving the beginning competition