The following is a list of requirements for all femtosatellites:

  • Smaller than 22mm x 70mm 
  • 5 mm diameter hole near one end of the femtosat
  • All parts constrained on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • Assembled using surface mount components (other than the interface headers)
  • Uses the Atmega328P microcontroller for controlling the femtosat
  • Includes at least one sensor that gives information about the launch
  • Has a means of communicating data

Throughout the guide there are many recommendations, suggestions, and support for how to fulfill these requirements. However, it should be emphasized that these are recommendations. If you have other ideas of how to build a femtosat feel free to implement them. If it works you will still be awarded points accordingly



Category Possible Points
Schematic Passoff 20
Board Passoff 20
Basic Software Passoff 20
Flight Software Passoff 20
Mission Readiness Passoff 20
Launch Day 80
Report 20
Total Possible: 200


Partial points in all categories are possible. This determination of how many points will be awarded is determined by the mentor passing of the review. A general idea of how points will be divided can be seen in the design review checklists. Anything passed off after the original passoff date will receive at most half of the available points. Anything passed off after the late passoff date will receive at most ¼ of the available points. 


1st Place - $200

2nd Place - $100

3rd Place - $50