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We're trying to make a habit of providing a helping hand to future spacecraft visionaries. We had a number of opportunities to reach out since the spacecraft research group was founded last year. Let us know if you have a group of students who want to do STEM. Maybe we can help.

Summer 2016, Fall 2016, and Summer 2017 we taught weekly STEM classes at Spring Creek Elementary. We helped 3rd-6th graders learned learn physics and basic programming through water-launch soda-bottle rockets, lemon batteries, and CodeCombat. We'll volunteer at Spring Creek again Spring 2017 when the Spacecraft Competition is over. Spring Creek is a Title I school in Provo City School District.

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Summer 2016 and 2017, we volunteered at BYU Chip Camp. We taught hands-on classes in electronics design. For example, Tyler Downs taught a wild group of excited middle students how to hack a Dance Dance Revolution game by replacing dance mat connections with aluminum foil and popsicle stick buttons.

Chip Camp 2016 Week 2 (June 28-30)

We helped young boy scouts develop beginning skills in electronics, amateur radio, and space exploration at the Fall 2016 BYU Merit Badge Pow-wow.

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