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What started with one flight project at BYU is growing into a pathway of transformative opportunities for young engineering students to study spacecraft engineering, hands-on. We need your help! Your support empowers new engineering students of various disciplines to become inspired, dedicated innovators by learning to design, build, test, and fly spacecraft. When you sponsor the Spacecraft Group, you get extra access to recruit Spacecraft Group members and receive recognition on our website and in related press. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how your support empowers students, read on, or reach out to us at


Spacecraft Challenges

We're seeking sponsored funding for the Spacecraft Challenges, in which teams of 3-5 Spacecraft Competition alumni, typically Freshmen and Sophomores, design a subsystem of their choice and write proposals for funding to iteratively prototype and test their design. Mentors, including faculty, graduate students, and interested sponsors, provide periodic guidance. Students demonstrate their work at the Spacecraft Fair. Sponsors receive recruiting privileges at the Spacecraft Fair and frequent opportunities to mentor small teams of passionate students. The majority sponsor gets their name associated with the challenges, if desired.

Contact us to sponsor the Spacecraft Challenges.

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Spacecraft Capstone Team

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From 2016 to 2018, a team of new engineering students, mentored by faculty, designed, built, and tested three satellites for BYU's first space mission, PICs. They created custom spacecraft components and established on-campus capabilities for development and operation. We're seeking sponsored funding to integrate the Spacecraft Team with BYU Capstone to provide more passionate, dedicated students with the opportunity to culminate their education with a spaceflight mission! We expect bus systems developed for PICs and the Spacecraft Challenges, as well as annual NASA launch opportunities, will enable a capstone team to design and integrate a 1U CubeSat each year. Sponsors receive frequent opportunities to interact and recruit from senior engineering students. Sponsors retain IP of subsystems developed for the project.

Contact us to sponsor the Spacecraft Team.

What Our Students Are Saying

"I had so much fun! I question often my abilities and my choice to pursue computer engineering when the struggles of school overwhelm me. The confidence came because I was solving problems that didn't immediately have an answer and contributing to a project that seemed more meaningful than a lab that 100s of students have solved before me"

Hailey Bischoff

Firmware Engineer, PICs

"Before joining the spacecraft club, I always felt somewhat limited in what I could do because I’m not very far in my engineering program. But getting involved with the club showed me that I can do meaningful things and build cool stuff now."

Wesley Stirk

VP of New Talent, Spacecraft Club

"I've learned to consider problems at a system level, taking into account aspects such as schedule, cost and complexity. I've also learned to negotiate with engineers of other disciplines who have different needs or requirements for the design."

Jacob Willis

Lead C&DH Engineer, PICs

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