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An image of a spacecraft

Students in the Spacecraft Research Lab design, build, and test new technologies to be flown in space.

Future Missions


The Global L-band Observatory for Water Cycle Studies (GLOWS) is a satellite being developed by NASA as a follow on to the SMAP mission. Similar to SMAP, the GLOWS satellite will collect soil moisture data with global coverage. Current GLOWS research centers around the new deployable membrane lens antenna that will be used. Students in the Spacecraft Research Lab are using existing data from SMAP to predict the sensitivity and accuracy of the new GLOWS antenna system.

Passive Inspection CubeSats II

Passive Inspection CubeSats II (PICs II) is a follow on to the original PICs project. PICs II aims to develop a more robust communication system than the original PICs satellites.

Past Missions

Passive Inspection CubeSats I

SMAP TB World Map
Image of the earth taken by the SMAP satellite at 1.41 GHz.